Yiğit Arslan

Mr. Arslan started his finance career during his graduate studies in the US and had the chance to gain experience in areas including institutional financing, private capital investments, and fund management. He worked in the management of the Brook Ventures Fund, which invests in the technology and health sectors in the US. While providing institutional financing consultancy to various middle-scale companies in telecommunication, energy, and technology, he also became an investor and achieved successful results. Since 2008, Mr. Arslan has worked consecutively in İş Investment, Rhea Portfolio, and Azimut Portfolio, successfully managing investment funds and hedge funds established in Turkey, Europe, and the US, with sizes ranging between 20 and 200 million dollars.

Mr. Arslan holds a BSc degree in Industrial Engineering from Sabancı University and an MBA in entrepreneurship and Finance from Bentley University McCallum School of Business. He has 10 years of experience in the sector.